Production needs to be turned in as soon as harvest is complete.  This ensures that all claims, whether known or unknown to you, get turned in within the alloted timeframe.  It also ensures that we have enough time to get your database updated so we can be ready for quoting and sales season.  Your yields determine what your guarantee will be in the next crop year.

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If you are commingling new production with a previous year's production in a bin/structure,

an adjuster must come out and measure the older production.


Commingling Rules

It is acceptable to commingle production if old crop is measured by an adjuster firstOnce an adjuster has measured old crop, there are 3 ways to keep track of commingled production:

  Load Records - Keep track of the number of loads that come off each field. Information needed is: unit/legal, truck type (tandem/quad/semi/etc.), approximate bushels/pounds per load, date load(s) harvested.

  Bin/Structure Markings - Mark between units with tape or permanent marker.  Information needed is: unit/legal, date harvest began and ended, your initials.

  Combine Monitor Records - Records saved and printed.  Information needed on each record: unit/legal, harvest date, approximate bushels/pounds. Crop adjuster may verify this method.


Reporting Requirements

You can turn in production on a preliminary basis, which means you can just give an accurate estimate for now.  It can be updated in the spring, or even later, if need be.  Production does not need to be sold before it is reported. 

  Assembly sheets - Bring these in or have the facility fax them to 218-784-2108(Ada) once you have completed hauling. 

  Scale tickets - If you hauled some, but have not completed contracts, etc., we can copy your tickets.

  Bin measurements - If you can't or don't intend to haul your production to a facility, it is accurate to give us this information.  An Adjuster can measure for you, if you wish.

When in doubt, we are just a phone call away!



Spot Check on APH 

Accuracy is becoming more and more desired by both the government and insurance companies alike.  A certain percentage of an agency's clients will be chosen for spot checks on the 3 most recent years of production and APH.  If the production asked for is in a bin, our company adjusters will measure and take samples.  They will also need truck load records off the field(s).  Otherwise, assembly sheets and/or scale tickets are a must.


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By submitting this information to us online, you are certifying that the information is correct to the best of your knowledge, and is liable to be reviewed or audited at any time.


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