All aspects of a farm operation are important, but those with livestock have unique opportunities through crop insurance. We are proud to offer livestock risk products that assist producers with hardships such as market losses. Coverage on cattle and swine ensures that your animals are protected throughout the stages of their lives.

LIVESTOCK RISK PROTECTION (LRP) is available to protect yourself from market decline on a selected coverage price for both feeder and fed cattle and/or swine. Coverage periods range from 13-52 weeks, using the animal's anticipated weight at the end of the coverage period.  LRP is available for purchase on weekday afternoons beginning at 4:30 pm. Friday's sale ends Saturday morning at 9:00 am. There are no daily sales between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm, including the weekend.


There are a couple of resources available on the Risk Management Agency (RMA) website to track daily coverage offerings and market ending values. Click on the red links to start!

  • Cost Estimator:  Personalized Estimate>Fill Criteria;Year 2023>Choose Livestock to Add; Fill Criteria>Get Estimates
    • Type- Feeder: Weight 1 up to 5.99 cwt; Weight 2 up to 10.00 cwt
    • Type- Fed: Weight 10.00 cwt up to 16.00 cwt
    • Practice- Endorsement Ending in "month" that's the number of weeks out that you want (i.e. If it's Sep 2022 and you want 17 weeks out, pick 'Ending JanuaryYr1')
  • Livestock Reports: LRP Coverage Prices, Rates, and Actual Ending Values

Call or stop in for more information and quotes.


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