Deadline to sign up for PRF is December 1st!!

Whether you have perennial grazing land, hay land, or both, Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) will help protect forage losses when there is lack of rainfall in your area. PRF has become a trusted risk management program for many producers with livestock.

When you sign up for a PRF policy, you indicate the number of acres you want to insure, the practice (grazing or hay), the level of coverage and productivity, the grid ID, the index intervals, and the percentage of acres insured in each interval (percent of value). Payments are made if the final rainfall average for the grid ID over a 2-month interval falls below your coverage level.

  • Coverage Level: The percent of final average rainfall over a 2-month period you want to insure. You can choose 70-90 in 5% increments. For example, if you choose a 90% coverage level and the final average rainfall is below that, you will automatically receive a payment.
  • Productivity Factor: The percent of the county price that you want to insure for. You can choose 60%-150% in 1% increments. For example, if the county base price on grazing is $22.00 and you have chosen a productivity factor of 150% plus the coverage level of 90%, your amount of protection per acre would be $29.70. Using the same scenario, if you chose 60% productivity, your protection per acre would be $11.88. The productivity factor you choose directly affects your premium.
  • Grid: The designated area where rainfall is measured and calculated over a 2-month period. Final rainfalls are based on the average over the entire grid.
  • Grid ID: The number name of the grid where your insured land is located, for example, 32535.
  • Index Interval: The 2-month periods chosen by you where average rainfalls are calculated. You must choose a minimum of 2 index intervals where months do not overlap. Index intervals are Jan-Feb, Feb-Mar, Mar-Apr, Apr-May, May-Jun, Jun-Jul, Jul-Aug, Aug-Sep, Sep-Oct, Oct-Nov, and Nov-Dec.
  • Percent of Value (Acres): The percent of your acres that you want to insure in an index interval. The minimum per interval is 10%, maximum is 70%, but all intervals add up to 100%. For example, you can choose 4 index intervals, insuring 25% of your acres in each interval. Or you can choose 4 index intervals and insure 10%, 35%, 40%, 15% of your acres in those intervals. Many possibilities available.
Some perks of PRF: Policy sign-up/changes and acreage reports are done at the same time. You can insure all or some of your acres. You do not need to keep production records or turn in rainfall amounts. There are no crop adjuster visits. Payments are automatically generated within 60 days of the end of each 2-month interval.

If you have any questions about PRF or want to see quotes, call or stop into one of our offices.

Deadline to sign up for PRF is December 1st!!


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