There will always be crop claims, even in the best year.  Rains, winds, frosts, and more contribute to replanting or prevented planting. Diseases, spotty weather events, and more, all contribute to the diversity of harvested crop production.

Your Duties

Give notice of production damage or loss within 72 hrs of discovery, but not later than 15 days past the end of the insurance period.  End of the insurance period is the earlier of unit harvest or official calendar date.

Give notice of revenue loss only, no later than 45 days past the date the harvest price is released.  Wheat price is released the first days of September; Soybeans and Corn in the first days of November.


Prevented Planting

Give notice of prevented planting within 72 hrs of the final plant date for the intended crop, or as soon as you know you can't plant in the late planting period.


High Dollar Claims

High dollar claims are cumulative claims by crop, from replanting through harvest and revenue prices, that reach or exceed $200,000.  Prevented planting is not included in the cumulative total.  Once you reach or exceed the $200,000 threshold on a crop, a 3 year APH review will be conducted before you are paid.  To verify production, an adjuster will collect assembly sheets or scale tickets, and/or measure any bins from the last 3 years.


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